Personalized Kit - 16x16 - FITS 2 FACES
Personalized Kit - 16x16 - FITS 2 FACES
Personalized Kit - 16x16 - FITS 2 FACES
Personalized Kit - 16x16 - FITS 2 FACES
PIXART -  Personalized Kit - 16x16 - - customs, news
PIXART -  Personalized Kit - 16x16 - - customs, news
Personalized Kit - 16x16 - FITS 2 FACES

Personalized Kit - 16x16 - FITS 2 FACES

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  • Size: 16 inch x 16 inch
  • Base Plates: 1 
  • Number of pieces: 2,500
  • Building Time: 2.5h

Looking for the perfect custom gift for your loved ones? No matter the occasion, you can't go wrong with a personalized portrait that will make your family and friends smile!

A DIY art kit that creates mosaic portrait designs is a great way to add an artistic spin on your photos and turn them into sophisticated wall art pieces. The mosaic technique is modern and easy-to-incorporate in a variety of home decor styles and design patterns. And the personalized touch is surely a great bonus!

Now, once you've chosen your favorite photos, let's see how the photo kit works!

  1. Good lighting, images with strong shades on faces turn out darker.
  2. The closer the faces the better the final design turns out.
  3. If the colors on the picture are bright, the bricks will be bright as well.
  4. It is better when faces are looking forward, side faces are not recommended.
  5. We recommend you send us a Plan B image just in case your first choice is not turning out just right.
  6. Don’t focus on the background or landscape, focus on the faces.
  7. It is not recommended that you upload an image with a filter (black & white, sepia, IG filters, etc), it will not turn out with the real tones of the faces.

Personalized Kit Instructions

Use this section for any descriptive text you need to fill out your pages or to add introductory headings between other blocks.

1. Upload your Photo

After choosing your size, it is time to upload the image you want to bring to life! Make sure to check out our tips before uploading! ps: good lightning, zoom in, faces looking forward, bright colors, and no filters!

2. Approve the Design

Our design team will send you a digital proof of how your masterpiece will look like within 24 hours from the moment to upload your image! Once you approve it, we will proceed to get your kit ready for delivery!

3. Enjoy the Experience!

The best part!!! Enjoy the experience of building your masterpiece and becoming a PIXARTIST! Your kit will come equipped with everything you need, including an easy-to-foolow guide so that the experience is over the top!