Tropical Chic
Tropical Chic
Tropical Chic
Tropical Chic
Tropical Chic

Tropical Chic

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Create your own shimmering DIY wall art, one “brick” at a time! This gorgeous full drill bricks mosaic kit is entitled "Tropical Chic" and includes everything you need to make this masterpiece!

Feel the satisfaction of watching your brick mosaic come together before your very eyes. Relax, unwind, and let your mind wander while you build using bricks!

Choose from our variety of COOL ART for you to enjoy and assemble your masterpiece at home!

  1. Good lighting, images with strong shades on faces turn out darker.
  2. The closer the faces the better the final design turns out.
  3. If the colors on the picture are bright, the bricks will be bright as well.
  4. It is better when faces are looking forward, side faces are not recommended.
  5. We recommend you send us a Plan B image just in case your first choice is not turning out just right.
  6. Don’t focus on the background or landscape, focus on the faces.
  7. It is not recommended that you upload an image with a filter (black & white, sepia, IG filters, etc), it will not turn out with the real tones of the faces.