10 activities to disconnect your children from technology

10 activities to disconnect your children from technology

Kids love technology, and once they start getting used to it, they rarely put it down. That’s why you may want to find ways for your children to interact with other things aside from tech. Figuring out some great activities you can do as a family can indeed be a great starting point. You really need to figure out what works for you and adapt accordingly.

Try out Pixart

Pixart is a great service where you can send them an image and then they give you a kit to recreate that image with small blocks. It’s very innovative, creative and your entire family can play. It’s a wonderful way to teach kids about creativity and at the same time, you can also work together to complete the image. It brings in a great sense of fulfillment, plus it’s incredibly exciting and you can try out a variety of different options based on your needs.

Create a picnic in your backyard

You can try to create a fun picnic experience for the entire family in your backyard. Not only is it fun and interesting, but you can try out a variety of different meals and decorations.

Read a book with your kids

Reading is something a lot of kids need to try out and enjoy. Reading to them or with them can be very interesting, and a wonderful way to stay away from tech.

Go outdoors

A simple family vacation without any tech can be very cool and different. You just need to think outside the box and pick a place where your kids will have a very good time. That alone will be super exciting.

Visit the local park

Even something as simple as taking your kids to the local park can be a good idea. You just want to make sure that your kids are happy and they have a wonderful experience, as that’s what matters the most.

Create trivia competitions

Trivia competitions can be very competitive and fun for kids. They also unleash their creativity, so you can spend a lot of time with this type of experience. Make sure that you prepare a variety of questions and answers to keep it last for a long time.

Play some board games

Board games are great for the entire family, they are super exciting and they will also take plenty of time to finish. That makes them ideal if you want your entire family to play, while also keeping kids away from tech.

Try out all kinds of crafty ideas

Crafting items with kids is very fulfilling. Being able to create amazing items with just the power of your hands can be really fun and that’s what you want to go for.

Fun science experiments

You will notice a lot of different, fun science experiments for kids in the online world. Take those ideas, print whatever you need and then gather supplies. Your kids can learn a lot from the entire experience.

Card games

A lot of kids enjoy card games and you may want to start a competition within your family. The one that gains the most wins will end up getting something cool.


It’s always important to think outside the box if you want to disconnect kids from tech. That can be difficult, but with the right ideas you can make it work. Just remember, it all comes down to creating some amazing moments with your family, so all the ideas above can be really handy!