A little bit about us

During the challenging times of Covid, a spark of creativity led to the birth of PIXART. It all started when I crafted a stunning multimedia mosaic as an anniversary gift for my husband. The response from friends and family was overwhelming, but there was a hitch - the materials were pricey, and the process was quite the messy adventure for our customers.

One day, during lockdown, a light bulb moment happened while chatting with my brother and sister-in-law. We envisioned offering these beautiful mosaics but with a twist - colorful bricks instead of the intricate and messy materials. They jumped in with the initial capital, and I took charge of the branding, website, and the overall experience.

In just two months, we made our very first sale, and PIXART was officially born. ✨

While launching PIXART, I was working full-time at an NGO called CADENA, but as of March 2023, I decided to take the leap and fully devote myself to growing this brand after proving the concept. After all, I'm a DIY enthusiast myself - it's my meditation, a way to disconnect and let my creativity wander.

So, welcome to PIXART, where creativity knows no bounds, and we're thrilled to have you join our vibrant community of DIY enthusiasts! 🎨💫