CBS: Stefany Crivosei, Founder Of PIXART, Finds Inspiration In The Pandemic And Creates A DIY Art Kit Perfect For Kids And Adults

CBS: Stefany Crivosei, Founder Of PIXART, Finds Inspiration In The Pandemic And Creates A DIY Art Kit Perfect For Kids And Adults

Stefany Crivosei took the difficulties of being a mother of three during a pandemic and turned it into a business for herself and an opportunity to spread artistic empowerment. Now, she’s the founder of PIXART, a company selling wall-art made of colorful bricks and the all-inclusive kits to make them yourself. 

“We focus on having a very high-quality product with easy-to-follow instructions to make the experience as enjoyable as possible! Our goal is to empower people to be the artist and bond with others while building something that is worth hanging on their wall! We have three collections; personalized kits, cool art kits, and for kids,” Stefany explains.  

Stefany started PIXART for her own kids because she needed a way to keep them calm and busy, while keeping them from spending too much looking at screens. She tried to buy them some DIY art kits, but found most of them were too messy to be worth it. While she was trying to build a kit with pieces too small to grab properly, Stefany’s 7-year-old child remarked that the kit would be “way cooler with bricks”. Stefany saw the possibility in that statement, and PIXART was born, turning into the perfect activity for her kids, the whole family, and others as well. 

“I really wanted to make something for my three kids, looking into fun and creative ways to entertain them during months closed indoors without the use of technology. I spoke with my friends and family and they seemed to be having similar experiences. PIXART felt like a great way to distract them. I included them during the process of building the brand. They felt important and they wanted to help out. We had a lot of fun and quality-time during the initial stages of PIXART,” Stefany recalls. 

Beyond being a cleaner, more interactive DIY art kit, PIXART is also able to differentiate themselves from the competition because of their quality and focus on the customer experience. PIXART prides themselves on having more color shades, meaning the art created can be more realistic. Their base plates are transparent, allowing users to see the instructions from underneath, making their building easier and quicker. Kits come with wall tape, allowing finished artwork to be hung on the wall right away, at no extra cost to the customer. Finally, in successful efforts to prioritize the customer experience, PIXART sends digital proofs of personalized pieces within 24 hours, delivers within one week, and offers free shipping on orders over $100. 

“We have dedicated the highest amount of time in figuring out how the experience can be the best one possible. We implement what our clients suggest and for us it is more about the experience than the product. Our goal is to make it as easy and as fun as possible,” Stefany says. 

Putting customers first is the most important part of staying on the path to success. For Stefany, she was lucky to find success in a business that was built for her family, with her family. 

“My grandfather always said that success is waking up everyday and being excited about work. Finding something that motivates you to work and become a better version of yourself everyday. For me success is finding happiness, feeling accomplished, having social support from family and friends, being motivated to work, and having the spare time and money to help others,” Stefany says. 

For the next year, Stefany only sees improvement down the line. Overcoming the huge obstacle of starting a business during quarantine was proof of her tenacity and business savvy, and with these accomplishments under her belt, Stefany has found confidence and courage to keep moving forward. In the next few months, PIXART is looking to expand their reach internationally and inside the US. As a company, they are constantly reaching out to clients for feedback because they believe this is the only way to improve the product and the experience. 

“We are focused on learning and learning more to improve the business and implement new things! This experience during COVID taught me that difficult times encourage us to overcome our fears. Thanks to this pandemic I saw a higher need with my kids that made the final push for me to find the courage and take the decision of starting. I am sure that many more obstacles will come and I hope to be able to overcome them,” Stefany says. 

Take a look at PIXART’s website and order a custom piece for yourself!