Custom Bricked Mosaic Portrait

Custom Bricked Mosaic Portrait

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Kerbin test!
  1. Good lighting, images with strong shades on faces turn out darker.
  2. The closer the faces the better the final design turns out.
  3. If the colors on the picture are bright, the bricks will be bright as well.
  4. It is better when faces are looking forward, side faces are not recommended.
  5. We recommend you send us a Plan B image just in case your first choice is not turning out just right.
  6. Don’t focus on the background or landscape, focus on the faces.
  7. It is not recommended that you upload an image with a filter (black & white, sepia, IG filters, etc), it will not turn out with the real tones of the faces.


● What comes in a PIXART kit?

Everything you need to assemble and hang your masterpiece; baseplates, colorful bricks, easy-to-follow instructions, a special tool, hanging strips, and attaching bricks.

● How long does it take for my PIXART to arrive?

Our design team will prepare a digital proof of your image within 48 hours from the moment you upload your picture! As soon as you approve your masterpiece by email, your kit leaves our facility in 3-5 days! If you choose one of our pre-designed kits, your kits will ship in 3-5 days.

● How long will I take building my masterpiece?

Each baseplate takes 30 minutes for two people to build it! The total time varies depending on the size you choose. For example, if your wall-art is 20 inches x 30 inches, it has 6 plates, thus it takes 3 hours to build :)

● What is ‘The Key’ used for and how do I use it?

This tool is soooo useful! You can use it to remove bricks if you make mistakes, so you don’t break your nails ;), and as a building tool, so that your finger doesn’t hurt! You can learn more about how to use it clicking here!

● Do I need to buy a frame separately in order to hang my masterpiece?

Nope! Our kits include hanging strips so that you do not have to spend more money on expensive frames! You can do everything yourself. You can download our instructions in our LEARN tab!

● What if I am missing one of the color bags?

First, make sure to look around just in case you are missing it. If you are positive that you do not have it, we are happy to send you another one! Simply send us an email at with the name of the bag that you need and we will ship it as soon as possible! We triple-check all of your kits to avoid this, but we are humans and these things can happen.

● Where are you located?

We are a family-owned business located in the sunshine state of Florida. But we offer international shipping :)

● Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! Prices and arrival times vary depending on where you are located, but we do offer international shipping :)

● What if I do not have time to build my kit but still want one?

No worries! We also offer the masterpieces already built, with all the bricks in their place. You will receive your masterpiece ready to hang!

● How do I track my order?

You will receive your tracking number on your email once your kit is ready for delivery!

● Do you sell frames?

Not yet! But we will soon :) stay tuned!

● What if my kit arrived damaged?

First, we are so sorry! Some things are not in our control! If this is your case, we are more than happy to send you replacements! Simply sends us an email at with an image of your kit and we will proceed to send you everything you need ASAP :)

● What if my order got lost and never arrived?

First, we are sorry! Some things are not in our control! If this is your case, send us an email at with your tracking number and we will send you a new one as soon as possible!


● Which size is recommended?

Recommended sizes vary depending on the number of people your image has. The more people, the bigger the size has to be in order to develop a high-quality wall-art! If you are not sure which is the best size for your image, you can send us an email at with your image and we will be happy to recommend the perfect size!

● What if I want a bigger size and it is not listed?

No problem!! We can make kits as big as you want! Simply send us an email at with your image and your desired size and we will respond as soon as possible with a digital proof and a quote!

● How do I send my picture?

As soon as you select a size, our website will prompt you to upload your image before adding your PIXART to the cart.

● How do I choose the perfect image?

For better results, we recommend images with the following characteristics; (1) good lighting on faces, images with strong shades turn out darker, (2) faces looking forward, side faces are not recommended, (3) the closer the better, (4) not focused on the background or landscape, (5) bright colors, (6) and finally, one special memory you want to bring to life. You can find these on the product page under “Tips on choosing your picture”

● What if I do not approve the digital proof?

We will make changes to your design until you are 100% satisfied, if you change your mind about your image you can send us a new one and we will send you a new digital proof :)

● What if my image is not working?

Our design team does everything to try to work with your image. If we see that your wall-art is not turning out with the quality we strive for, we will send you an email with your digital proof and ask if you would like to change your image for a better final result!

● Can I return or exchange my kit?

Unfortunately, once you approve the digital proof of your picture, we do not offer returns or exchanges, but we will not ship your kit until you approve the design! You can make as many changes as you need until you are 100% satisfied, you can send us a new picture as well! Our goal is to make you happy! If your kit is damaged, we will definitely send you a replacement, send us an email at with an image if what is damages and we will ship it as soon as possible!

● What ages are recommended?

For personalized kits, we recommend ages 5 and up with adult supervision! We have clients of all ages that love building their kits! The best part of the process is that everyone will want to participate!

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